Studies in Form

Seher Shah and Randhir Singh 

Studies in Form is a collaborative body of work between artist Seher Shah and photographer Randhir Singh exploring overlapping ideas in architecture, photography,drawing and printmaking. A series of cyanotype prints builds on these overlaps to further an ongoing interest into concepts of architectural scale and sculptural intent.

Cyanotypes were one of the first photographic printmaking processes developed in the 19th century and a precursor to the blueprint which was an important reproduction method for architectural and engineering drawings well into the 20th century. Working with this printmaking process, Shah and Singh focus on four unique buildings by fragmenting their architectural components through photographic images. These buildings share a number of aesthetic qualities including heavy massing, the sculptural use of concrete and repetitive structural grids along with a visionary intent driven
by a desire to break from the status quo. Grouped into chapters, the buildings in this ongoing series are:

Akbar Bhavan (New Delhi. 1969)
Barbican Estate (London. 1976)
Dentsu Head Office (Tokyo. 1967)
Brownfield Estate (London. 1970)

Alongside these four photographic chapters, two additional series of works, both reproduced as cyanotypes, offer varying perspectives. A series of drawings, titled Flatlands Blueprints, explores notions of incompleteness and uncertainty as a counterpoint to determined architectural expression. The sculptural forms andmassing found in the photographs is further explored in a series of woodcut based prints, titled Hewn Blueprints. Working with architectural representational methods,such as the plan and elevation, these prints function between the precise formalism of a blueprint and the intuitive nature of drawing. 

Studies in Form will be shown at the Jameel Arts Center in Dubai from March 7th to June 8th, 2019.

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